Finally! The first overnight trip of the year! The weather was perfect, both humans and dogs were excited to go.

Silvia was coming with us and we decided to make her our guide, otherwise she would be complaining about us looking at our phones (just to look at the map). Silvia uses her paper map instead. We started at her home in Pappendorf and decided to walk in the rough direction of Berbersdorf. The trail was going along a nice river, so the dogs could take a bath now and then. We even saw a fox, the dogs luckily did not.

Break to change clothes

It became really warm and so we took a little rest to take off some clothes. Silvia proudly presented us her underwear and said “this time you won’t be able to write about me forgetting my underpants”. Just seconds later, she realized she forgot her shorts though. Instead, she packed a shirt that looked just like the shorts she actually wanted to grab. So she converted her shirt into pants.

“The shirt i found once upon a time at the other side of the Andes Mountains, pure cotton, better than anything else.”, she advertised as she stuck her legs through the arm holes of the shirt. When it finally looked like pants, she realized with delight, that now the hole for the head was sitting between her legs. “That’s ingenious! I’ve been looking for pants, that I can pee through while wearing a climbing harness! Perfect!”.

Towards Böhringen

We walked along great looking acres of yellow rapeseed.

We met chickens at a farm.

Leni ignored them all together and Dràgàm was doing ok until he saw a cat.

Let’s quickly move on.

We found a lookout tower, where we wanted to take a break.

Lunch break

We couldn’t get inside or on top of the tower, but that was ok. We checked the map for a place to spend the night. We found a little creek at the edge of a forest, which seemed quite nice on the map, so we chose to head in this direction.

Last couple kilometers of the day

It looked awesome wherever we went. So we took a group picture after waiting for the wind to calm down to have a smooth puddle surface.

Drágám was happy to jump around through the fields.

Our bags felt lighter now that our destination came closer.

A place to sleep

The place we only pointed out on the map, also looked good in real life. We found the perfect place to sleep with a creek close by. Alica couldn’t wait to set up her new tent, Leni was supervising.

Once set up, Leni was the first one to go into the tent.

The green tent seemed to fit better in a forest than Alica’s previous pink one.

Like so often on hikes, we had an incredibly healthy dose of packaged food with us for dinner. As our normal noodles and soups were sold out due to people fearing the end of the world at the moment, Alica bought the only thing that was available – american dried noodles with the flavours “Louisiana” and “Bacon”. So we dined under the banner of an “American Night”.

When we unpacked our drinking and eating cups, Silvia’s analysis of our psychological characteristics was confirmed –
Silvia (right), a “saxon natural wonder”, the shortest of us all, but the most power and strength. She had by far the biggest cup.
Alica (middle), she was called “american feminine”, using a very small coffee cup, that resembles an outdoor version of a small starbucks cup.
Josi (left), was categorized as “canadian practical”, and her character somewhere in between the extremes of Alica and Silvia, she used a medium sized light enamel cup.

After the first course “Louisiana” was eaten and the second course “Bacon” was served, we boiled water for the third course, switching to China – duck ramen noodles mixed with shrimp. Alica backed out here. Silvia and Josi shared this meal with it’s particularly interesting mix of flavors.

While Leni occupied the tent

Dràgàm cuddled with Silvia

and fought flies.

Silvia had brought her tent, but she decided she didn’t feel like setting it up. So we tested how a 2.5-people tent would be fitting three people and two dogs.

It worked, but only for one night.

The next morning

After a quick breakfast with oats and coffee we continued through the woods.

Short break

Again and again we found great spots to sit in the sun and eat some dried fruit.

The dogs took a bath.

The last bit

We were now on the way back to where we started. And thought, that at some point, we want to go on hikes in the mountains or on the coast again, as it surely is nice here, but a little change in landscape would be great.

When we took our bags off we felt like walking on clouds.


We planned to walk around 50K but ended up at around 35K. It’s amazing how a heavy backpack is slowing you down. We decided we need to train more.


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  • Phyllis Harvey

    Hi Josie!
    Such good fun! Love your photos. Many more trips I hope.

    • Quer

      Hey Phyllis!! Nice to hear from you! Yes many more trips here and also in Canada i hope 🙂


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