We started at the “Holy Lake” near Stollberg. We planned to go for a swim, go for a quick walk and the relax at the lake. Well, not only was the lake surrounded by fishermen, it was also FULL of tadpoles.

Being frog friends, we decided not to disturb the poor tadpoles and start our walk instead. We went through the woods and soon found ourselves on a very nice hiking trail.

Dogs off leash, we suddenly heard a man talking loudly. We whistled for the dogs (not really relaxed, as with the two of them out there, the chances they get back when there is a disraction, is often not that high). But, what a miracle, both came instantly and sat beside us. Now we saw who was talking – it was a man on a horse with a dog passing by. He was full of praise of our well-behaved dogs, we wished him a nice day. When he was gone, we couldn’t stop laughing. Our well-behaved dogs. This situation could have ended totally different.

So on we went, passing great little spots.

As we could see far, the chances to meet another horse, person or biker unnoticed were small, so the dogs could go off leash for almost the entire hike.


It was pretty warm, so the two were happy when they discovered a tiny mudhole.

Leni treated herself with a face mask.

After three hours we got back to our car, uninjured but with two very stinky and muddy dogs. We were happy to have done this hike instead of sitting around on the lake.

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