When we woke up, we saw: Nothing!!! We were completely fogged in. That’s why our original plan, to go on a hike from the hotel, didn’t work. Now that we are in a great landscape, we also want to see it! Finally we decided to go on a popular, traditional tour, on which we’d see some “classic highlights” of the region, even in bad weather. It was monday and therefore a good day for not meeting too many other people. Our plan was to go from Wehlen across the “bear rocks” to castle Königstein and back.

The morning

As neither of us are people with a big urge for breakfast, and we also didn’t want to repeat the dog concert in our room from last night, we got a couple pieces of bread from the buffet which magically fell into Alica’s gigantic purse, and went back to our room.

After cleaning up any traces of our stay in the room, we headed to Wehlen. This time we made all our maps available offline. Luckily we found a good parking spot and, what a surprise, the fog vanished and the sun came out.

Bärenfelsen – “bear rocks”

There was a steep path up to the bear rocks. Josi was fighting her cold, but also decided to ignore it at some point and just went on.

From the viewpoint, we had a fantastic view to mountain “Lilienstein”.

We used the nice area for a fast break and breakfast. We had our bread, the dogs got fish.

On the way to castle Königstein

From there we mainly went through forests, up and down. Good to play with some sticks now and then!

It was hilly, but all in all the path was easy. Once we had to go over a metal bridge, which might be a little difficult with some dogs.

Also we had to squeeze between rocks. Maybe, we were off the route a bit.

Castle Königstein was visible from far away and the view was fantastic.

Going to the castle

Going to the castle is a comfortable walk. It’s all the way uphill, but it never gets supersteep. We took another food break at the top.

We both had never been there before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Well, with dogs we could only see the castel from the outside. You could only get in with an escalator after paying a fee. Dogs are allowed on a leash in the inner yard, but not inside the building.

Didn’t bother us too much, as just the view was totally worth the hike up.

The way back

We decided, not to go all the way down to the river and then back up, but rather continue on the nice forest trail all the way to where we started going up to the castle.

Of course we had to take a castle selfie.

A disadvantage of the route is, you have to go the same way back that you came from. Only the hike up to the bear rocks is just there for the first part of the hike. We were thinking about variing the route a bit to make it more interesting, but because of Josi’s cold we decided to go the route suggested by the app. The dogs were happy. And we were surprised that, although the way back was the same route that we took before, it looked quite different when going from the other direction, and we discovered things that we didn’t see before.

Josi had to go on some adventures, too.

The climbing attemps didn’t go much higher than the picture though.


It is a nice route, which is quite simple, as the trails are prepared and there are only a few uphill parts. 17km is not the shortest tour though, and because you have to walk the same way twice, it sometimes seems longer than it is. Next time, we would take a longer route which includes more variety.

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