A fun boat tour….

Our plan: go for a quick walk, and then extensively test the new inflatable canoe at a small lake near Rochlitz. Silvia, a good friend and colleague, had been waiting for us at the train station in Rochlitz for a while. After a wild welcome-ceremony with the dogs we looked in all directions and thought about which way to go from here. A little path seemed nice and so we started.

The cool thing about our jobs is, that we have flexible work times and therefore can go walk at times that almost nobody else is out. So, full speed ahead along the “Zwickauer Mulde”, a nice little river. As we only wanted to go for a short walk, we soon decided to make a left turn to slowly start the way back. So we walked, and walked, and all of a sudden we were facing a hill full of dense shrubbery, mainly stinging nettles. But turning around here was no option. So Josi took Alicas long leash and started mowing the nettles, so we could crawl through the bushes with (almost) no itchy nettle bites.

The “path” didn`t get a lot better, the gras became as high as ourselves, and again we crawled through the bushes.

The reward though was an awesome small lake, where the dogs took a long bath.

But now, let’s quickly go on to the car – and to the boat. The “quick walk” turned into a 2 hour hike and thirsty as hell we made it back to the car. Luckily the lake was only 10 mins away, so we started setting up the boat. Josis inflatable Canoe is made for 2 adults and 1 child (which almost sounds like 2 adults and 2 dogs), therefore Silvia brought her own (inflatable) boat. “I haven’t used this in years. Finally i get to test it again.”, were her first words. And she was pumping, and pumping.

When Josi’s boat was already full of air and ready to go, Silvia was still pumping. Nothing happened, her boat looked the same like 10 minutes ago. Alica discovered a huge hole in the boat skin. “I will swim behind you guys”, Silvia proposed. “Or i swim and pull your boat!”. We were inclined to accept this attractive offer, but then decided to let Silvia come in our boat. We calculated the resulting weight sitting in the boat. Women love to calculate their weights. Three people, plus dogs, plus pack with towels and the extremely important watermelon we looked at 205 kg. The boat is made for 200 kg, should work. Nevertheless Leni got to wear her life vest.

The boat worked wonderfully and thanks to Silvia’s professional paddle skills we got to the island in the middle of the lake. Now was time for a swim. Though swimming wasn’t as relaxed as we thought, as Dràgàm thinks he has to rescue any swimming person, and therefore climb on that person’s back.

After that we enjoyed our watermelon and the dogs got lots of beef & bones.

With all stomachs filled we got back into the boat. It’s supernice to see a so called “scared dog”like Dràgàm enjoying a boat ride.

Leni relaxed too.


The awesome boat day endet with a nice cruise around on the lake.

Back at home. What are the dogs dreaming now…


3 thoughts to “Rochlitz

  • Denise

    Huhu 🙂 Wir wollen demnächst auch mal eine Runde Padeln gehen mit unserem Collie.
    Ich hatte das glaub ich ein bisschen utnerschätzt, dass auch aufblasbare Kanus Hundekrallen wiederstehen. Habt ihr noch irgendwas auf den Boden gelegt oder ging das so?

    Grüße Denise

    • Feld

      Hallo, Drágám hat relativ lange Krallen, deshalb haben wir eine ganz billige Iosmatte hingelegt und die war auch am Ende zerlöchert. Es empfiehlt sich also wirklich was reinzulegen. Es gibt ja auch leicht beschichtete Matten, die sind dann nicht sofort kaputt. Das werden wir beim nächsten Mal nehmen. Grüße und viel Spass beim Paddeln

    • Feld

      Josi meint wenn die Krallen nicht so rausstehen wie bei Drágám, gehts auch ohne Matte!


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