After a calm night we discussed the way back home while having breakfast. We knew we wanted to spend the last night on the polish side of the border. Maybe at a river this time?

It seemed like a good idea to head to Gryfino . There was said to be a curved forest, which Alica desperately wanted to see. Also, the landscape looked nice on the map. We thought we’d find a nice place to spend the night there.

But – not so much. The loong drive was a little stressful after 6 days of hiking, boating and camping. Arriving at the river, we were shocked. Everything was dirty, the water was full of polltuion, seemed like waste water of some sort. We didn’t want to sleep there, but we went on to look for the crooked wood.

As the internet told us, there are a lot of different theories on why the trees are crooked. Nobody really seems to know for sure.

There weren’t many visitors so we used the time to take some fun pictures.

A really interesting place, which is worth the little drive and hike.

But know, we really had to look for a camping spot. We headed towards Frankfurt/Oder. There had to be some nice spot along the way. And then we found a small, nice lake. There was garbage on the ground – so we cleaned up a bit.

A week ago we would’ve been worried about the close by fishermen, thinking they might not like us camping there. But by now we knew, that nobody cared. We still allowed Dràgàm to growl at some people, so at least they knew we got a big dog. It seemed to work, we had a peaceful night.

Of course in the morning, we went for a swim.

The we packed the car and got ready to leave.

As the whole area wasn’t very nice for morning walk, we drove to Dąbroszyn where we did a little hike. It was wonderful there, no other humans and a lot of nice nature.

The dogs were happy and took a big bath in the mud.

We also enjoyed the views and the quietness.

Now our trip came to an end. If you’re looking for some empty, quiet and peaceful places to camp and hike, it’s a good idea to check out Poland. We and the dogs had a great time.

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