The morning

Despite getting thunderstorm alerts on our phones for the whole night, we had a wonderful sleep. We were not perforated by hail, and not blown away by the storm. Rested and relaxed, we started the next day.

While we brushed our teeth and had breakfast, Leni played with sticks.

Josi got a little injury on her foot, while hiking in the national park. Alica was prepared – she always carries a full load of all kinds of first aid things: desinfection spray, bandages, band aids, mosquito spray, all kinds of lotions for itches, wounds, …. Josi was confused and overwhelmed by this gigantic selection of things some of which she’s never seen in her life.

After Alica put some effort into convincing Josi to desinfect her wound, we started packing and got ready to go. The strong winds made packing more fun than it usually is.

Suddenly in the military zone

As the area around Drawsko Pomorskie looked full of lakes and nature, we went in this rough direction. We should have googled a bit though, as when we arrived, we saw weird signs, which were trying to tell us that we just entered a military restricted area. After some research we knew, we just found ourselves next to the largest military trainig area of europe, which was used by polish soldiers as well as people from NATO. Well, no place to sleep, we guessed. So we took a little rest just on the side of the road, and cooked lunch. Big military vehicles passed us. A soldier was standing in the distance. Weird atmosphere. We tried to ignore them just like they ignored us. We still didn’t dare to take pictures.

Place to sleep

We used the break to look for camp spots without soldiers in the app park4night. We found a lake kinda close by, not in any military area. When we drove the last couple hundred meters to the spot, Josi’s car (a Ford) proved that it was a Jeep in it’s previous life. After an incredibly bumpy road and Alica fearing a traumatic brain injury, we found a wonderful spot.

We were at Jezioro Czaple Duze.We found everything that we could dream of – a great spot for our tent, an awesome shore at a big and clear lake, we even found a table with a roof. But before we even thought about dinner, we unpacked the canoe and went on a little evening paddle trip.

On the lake

Josi decided to take her drone and fly it from the canoe. Good opportunity for Alica to work on her paddle skills, as she was stearing now all by herself. She improved and went from going around in circles to stearing our canoe in a straight line. And we got great shots from the air.

After landing the drone in Josi’s hand, we continued paddeling along the lake. It was incredibly nice and peaceful.


The evening

When the sun got down we paddled to our camping spot and just before dark we made it there. After a little cooking session at night time we fell asleep very quickly.




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