The night

At 1am Alica threw Josi out of bed. The day before, Josi said, we are at the perfect spot for a night shot and Alica took her word for it. After contemplating whether getting up is worth all the effort, Josi took off. Alica thought she could now go back to sleep. Soon she realized though that she had to stay up as well, to light up the tent. We took a whole lot of pictures, and while doing that, the tiredness faded, cause the pics turned out supernice 🙂


Next morning

Now we had to decide how to continue our journey. Dràgàm was still very tired from our long hike, he slept whenever he could.

And when you realize that in everyday life, dogs usually sleep or relax for up to 20 hours per day, this kind of “vacation” can be hard on them. So we decided to make this a slow day. As we had to go back to Germany some time soon, we slowly started our way back and headed towards Biały Bór.

Finding a place to sleep

As Josi has been driving for the entire trip (Alica is scared of driving an automatic car), we didn’t wanna spend more than about 2-3 hours of driving. We looked for potential places to sleep both on maps (checking the landscape on google maps for lakes, forests etc), and also we used an app called park4night. In Orawkawe found a place that seemed nice and walked around to find a spot for setting up the tent.

An adventurous walk

We decided to walk a full circle around a lake. We always try to sleep close to water. That way we can use the water for cooking and don’t have to use up our car water, and also it’s the best thing in the world to jump into a lake, after sleeping in a tiny tent with two people and two dogs. So after walking for a bit we found the perfect place to sleep. And the best thing: we would be able to get the car here, so no carrying around of stuff. So we walked back to the car. On the way, all of a sudden we were surrounded by an excited pack of 12 barking dogs. Luckily, the owner called them before anything happened. Our adrenaline levels were high though. Just when Josi got a text message:

We were a bit confused and walked faster, but it soon started. Thunder, and crazy downpour.

It was quite warm, and so we survived. We were soaked though.

The evening

When we got to the car, we drove to our spot that we found. We got a couple more of the same text messages. “Hail, strong stormes… don’t seek shelter under trees…” – was this going to be a good night to camp right on the lake – under the trees? Was it a good night to have the car parked under trees??

We decided not to think about the answers and started playing Kniffel.

Eventhough the text messages kept coming in, we eventually set up the tent, as it seemed more comfortable than the car. With the car close by we hoped to be able to hide in there if hail would perforate the tent and storms would blow it away.

We were lucky, the storms calmed down and we had a good night.



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