After going for a swim in the lake, we had to decide how and where to go on from here.

Looking at the weather forecast we knew, we wanted to do our big hike in the national park the day after tomorrow. We decided to look for a campground for two reasons: we wanted to paddle in the canoe for a day and the boat had to dry after that. Also, we wouldn’t feel like driving and searching for a camp spot after a 35km hike.

Search for a camp ground

Looking around on googlemaps we quickly found a campground, which we found suited us. When we were getting there, we first thought it was closed as everything looked kinda uninhabitated. Driving further on though we saw camper vans and many dogs running around. On the window of the reception was a paper in polish language with a cell number. We called.

The woman on the other end didn’t speak german nor english, just a couple words so we knew she was about to come to us. After talking with our hands and feet we found it’s 16 Euros, to stay at the place with 2 people and 2 dogs. But, they wouldn’t take euros or credit card. So off we went back to town to get polish money – Zloty. We noticed that generally in this area, people tended to speak only polish – no english, no german. So it makes sense to have a translation app.


We looked at the campground full of cars and people and were wondering whether we really wanted to stay here. Luckily though, the woman showed us there was a hill that we could camp on, which was completely unoccupied. It was full of hot sun, that’s why nobody wanted to camp up there. But it was empty, and that was more important for us.

We instantly set up our tent. There was no better view we could’ve imagined.

With the canoe on Jezioro Karsinskie

Now we wanted to relax a bit – let’s go canoeing!

At first we arranged the seat positions for optimal space and steering abilities – Josi in the back, Dràgàm in the big space in front of her, Alica in the front of the canoe with Leni between her legs. It turned out to be a bad idea.

The dogs were quite nervous and were sitting on our laps. Josi could hardly paddle with a 25kg dog right on her legs and in front of her face. We stopped briefly.

We switched positions so each dog was with his respective owner. Alica now being the steering person, the boat was going in circles rather than back to the camp ground. But, the dogs were fine now. They were not sitting on our laps anymore, but instead were laying in the boat. They seemed to be a lot more relaxed being right nearby their owner.

Leni was wearing a life vest. Dràgàm will do this too in the future – eventhough he is a good swimmer. But on such a big lake, you feel better, not having to worry in case the boat is tipping over.

The evening

Back at the camp ground we started cooking. The dogs were done.

As Alica didn’t want to enter the national park without a valid ticket and every try of getting a ticket in town failed, she transferred 69 cents per person online. We decided to transfer 3 euros in total with the remark “keep the rest as tip”. We imagined the puzzled faces of the office people. After enjoying the beautiful starry night,

we weent to bed at 11pm. Alica made big plan for the next day,

then everybody fell into their sleeping bags, or not, it was very warm. Everybody was tired out.




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