After a sleepless night we woke up around 8am, as we heard voices. We soon saw canoes and people on the lake. Luckily, they didn’t seemed to care at all about us camping there. Just to make sure though we quickly packed our stuff, while Dràgàm was fighting with a stick and his leash.

After taking a little bath in the lake we walked back to the car.

The journey is the destination

Our destination of the day was Charzykowy. There we wanted to buy our tickets for the national park and then look for a place to sleep. After driving for a while, we decided to make a quick stop in Ledycczek to walk around. We parked at an abandoned hotel / bar.

As we just wanted to go for a short walk, we just jumped out of the car and found this rough, but nice path. We were alone there and the dogs could run free.


On we went to Charzykowy.Just seeing the little city we knew we wouldn’t be happy staying there. Too many people, too many cars. But just to get a little impression of the life there we checked out the marina at the lake.

The scenery was quite nice and Josi took a little nap after driving for a long time. Dràgàm, in the meantime, played “Don Quijote” and growled at everybody and everything that got closer than 50 meters.

The following tries to get a permit for the national park failed due to very rare opening hours of the office.

On the search for a place to sleep

As we had to find a spot outside of the national park, we drove to Kopernika. After walkling this route we found a good spot to set up the tent for the night.

Quite close by we saw a docked sailboat, which looked like the people would want to stay overnight too. After some discussion of whether we should stay or leave, we decided to stay, as the sailboat people must be camping just like we are. We set up our tents and enjoyed the beautiful view.

The night

To our surprise we slept very well that night. We heard talking people all night long, but as we knew there was the sailboat nearby, we knew where the noise was coming from. Or at least, we talked ourselves into believing where it was coming from. We slept tight.

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