Ready for Take-Off

Car packed – and there was still space left for sleeping in the car if need be! Quite surprising how spacious a station wagon is – fitting 2 people, 2 dogs, an inflatable canoe including pump, tent, sleeping bags, mats, food and other stuff.


As both of us like to start on a trip like this without any stress, we drove off at 11am, heading east.

We first planned on putting Leni on her regular place on the back seat, while Dràgàm would sit at Alica’s feet. However, we had to change that soon, for a better fit of size of dogs and available space.

Strict plans and preparations for vacation trips is nothing we like to do, so we decided to just head out and see how far we would get that day. Just drive until we or the dogs would get tired of sitting in a car. The rough direction was Bory Tucholsky National Park. A friend recommended this park to us, also known as “Little Masuria”. At first, we thought about going to “Big Masuria” in eastern Poland. However, we decided against that for two reasons: 1600km within 8 days seemed to be a lot driving with less time for hikes, and also we were worried it might be too touristy and crowded at this time of the year (July). We were looking for remote places and nature!

Search for a place to sleep

Before we went on our trip, we looked into wild camping in Poland’s nature and found that it is officially not allowed, but as long as you don’t sleep in a national park, people wouldn’t mind it either. So we decided to look for a nice place to stay half way to the national park.

In a small polish village called Lubociesz we parked the car and walked off to look for a good spot to set up the tent. We didn’t take the tent or anything with us yet, we figured we’d find something close by and just come back to retrieve all our stuff.

Here you’ll find the little hike that our search turned into. When we finally came across a wonderful spot right at a lake, we realized it would’ve been clever to take all our camping gear with us. Now we had to walk back all the way to the car, then walk back to the spot. Anyways, it was all worth it, as the place we found was just perfect. We even had our own little dock.


As we were quite hungry, we soon fired up Alica’s new stove. Alica, always being nervous when it comes to gas, was studying the manual in all it’s detail.

The water in the lake appeared to be clean, and as we were about to boil it anyways we used it for drinking and cooking.

We had noodles with tomato sauce and zucchini. For spices we brought herbal salt, which we then used for almost every meal.

After finishing up all the noodles, Alica argued with Leni about the ownership of the tent, while Josi took pictures.

The night

We hadn’t slept in a tent together for quite a while. Dràgàm was laying on one side of the tent, in a way so the tent was bent to one side and pressed the wall into Josi’s face on the other side. Also, for every slight noise, either Dràgàm or Leni began to growl, which made us listen and think about what animal or human was about to approach us from the outside. The first night we were half asleep, if there was any sleep at all.



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