We planned to do a day trip of about 15km. Our route started in Wechselburg, across Rochlitzer Berg, all the way to the castle in Rochlitz and back on the other side of the river to Wechselburg.

Alica just got a camera (she used to take pictures only with her cellphone) and this day was the perfect opportunity to try it all out.

Of course, her enthusiasm wouldn’t allow her to use her camera in auto mode. So all our conversations circled around “What should i do when the picture is too dark?”, “Damn overexposed!”, “What was ISO for?”. Luckily the dogs and Josi were patient. Josi brought her camera too and took a prime lens on a hike for the first time. Nice to have some more blur in the background.


The landscape was really nice and all the time there were new things to discover. But all Leni was looking at, was Dràgàm.

The cause was, Leni was in heat. Dràgàm was all confused. He was castrated very early in his life and so he didn’t understand what she wanted. He looked like: what’s going on with you?!

The path led us to the “Seidelbrüche” on the hill in Rochlitz. Phorphyry used to be quarried here, as we read on a sign later. Also we discovered a locked up bat cave. Alica wanted to take a look, but Dràgàm didn’t want to get closer to the cave, he was constantly pulling away.

Hobby biologists that we are, we had a vague idea why this might be – maybe he heard the ultrasound that the bats make and didn’t like it?

So we went on and the nice path in the woods turned into a road. No awesome forest walking anymore.

That is definitely a flaw on this route. And in case we come here again, we will look for an alternative for this part of the route (from the quarry to the castle).

When we finally arrived at the castle, nobody else was there. Dràgàm tried to drink out of the well, whereas Leni prefered to drink out of the dog bowl next to it.

We were all happy about the route as it continued – all along the river.

It seemed to be longer on the way back, but probably we had this impression because of our lack of water. We didn’t bring anything. We remembered there was fantastic ice cream in Wechselburg. So we walked faster, despite the heat. We tried to take some short cuts, without success.

The dogs were great, they enjoyed one mud puddle after the next.

Arrived in Wechselburg, we had our long-desired gigantic ice cream with chocolate and brittle. Now everybody was happy and we went on to the lake at Biesern. A little paddle tour was next.

We paddled to the little island in the middle of the lake. The dogs got a few beef bones, we had a kniffle-battle and enjoyed the evening sun.

All in all a fantastic day trip. Nice diverse landscape and a lot of opportunities for the dogs to walk without leash and take a bath. Even Alica’s difficulties handling her camera became less in the end.




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