Leni was born on 4 Juli in Berlin. Her mother is a Welsh Corgi, and her father a mix of everything else. I’ve never seen her parents. I got Leni through “ebay Kleinanzeigen”. There, a a family from Berlin said they had to give away the 10 weeks old puppy, that they just got a week ago.

At first glance a liked “the puppy” on the pictures, so i wanted to visit them. The elevator took me to the 11th floor of a Berlin high rising. When I got off the elevator, a very excited puppy came running towards me, and kept hanging on to my big toe. I talked to the then-owner for a while. She explained to me, that they got the puppy a week ago but had to get rid of him, because of the cat, that now just sits on top of a shelf. Still, my toe was being chewed on. “Püppi, stop that”, the woman said. Püppi? Yes, this was her original name.

She was such a friendly, playful and cute little dog, that I already knew i would take her. 2 days later, I picked her up. For about two weeks i called her “Hundi” (doggie), i just didn’t find a nice name for her. And Püppi, well… At some point, I decided to call her Leni.


At the beginning Leni wouldn’t get away from me farther than a couple centimeters. She was literally stuck to my leg. She got to know Potsdam and the house where i lived in. And she also got to know a dog that is still one of her best friends – Gustav, a brown Labrador, the dog of our neighbours.

She also became friends with my turtle. After learning to neither chew nor scratch on a turtle, Leni sat right next to him and looked after him. Especially children were not allowed to get close to turtle anymore.

Today, Leni is as friendly as she used to be, a very uncomplicated dog, that I can take anywhere. After being cautios with water at the beginning, she now loves to jump into every (EVERY) puddle, the muddier the better.

I wanted a dog that i can transport, that’s easy-going and friendly, and i am very happy i found Leni!