I was born in 1989 in Chemnitz, Germany and wanted to have a dog ever since. My mom wouldn’t allow me to have a dog as a child in a city-appartment, so i hit the dog books. At about the age of ten, i knew all the FCI dog breeds, most of them with their respective heights, origins and tasks. One day me and my dad went to the world dog show. There i saw all the different dogs in real life, and collected every poster, sticker, bag and flyer that i could get. While other children at my age were learing musical instruments or were fans of some bands, all i was interested in were dogs.

This might all sound a little weird, and probably it is. So then, when I was 12, i finally was allowed to have a dog. She was a mix named Kira. We got her as a puppy from a farm.

Besides dogs though, i’ve also had another favorite thing to do – looking through cameras. “Let me look through the camera too” was my ever-heard sentence as little kid, when i saw my dad filming. I always had a lot of fun capturing pictures. So i started to film all kinds of things at school and later made films with Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt (Chemnitz Film Factory).

After finishing school i studied – psychology. Now why that?! “With films, you’ll never earn enough money.” – Okay, so let’s not go straightaway into film, but study something, which is also fun and exciting. I’ve always been interested in humans, their behaviors and brains. Eyes and visual perception was one of the things that fascinated me most. So i studied psychology in Potsdam and worked in the Eyelab – a lab that does research on visual perception, mainly through eye tracking. As i’ve always liked to be outdoors and wanted to go to Canada, i decided to move to Vancouver for a year and work there at UBC in the Brain-and-Attention-Research-Lab. And I went hiking. A lot.

All the research and studies were interesting indeed, but also, they consisted to a huge part of programming, a lot of computerwork, a lot of writing. After the diploma I realized more and more, that the outdoor work, the spontaneity and diversity that filming brings along, was much more my thing than lab work. That’s why today i don’t work as a psychologist, but make films.  Most fun, of course, is filming with dogs. But I also love filming for other documentaries, science- and travel films.

After Kira, my first dog, died in 2011, I was without a dog for one year. I couldn’t stand this any longer and so i got Leni in 2013. She is a dog that I can take anywhere, and i am curious about all the hikes and nice things that we both will experience.