I thought a dog backpack might be a good thing for Drágám. He is a dog with an extremly high level of energy. Although being a very active person myself, I sometimes can not keep up with him. A holiday in the Bavarian forest was planned, and so it seemed like a good idea to buy a dog backpack to let him carry his stuff. Shared pain is half the pain.

After some research, I decided to buy one in the medium price segment (ca.35€). We tried the backpack and it fit perfectly.

Now we could try it out. For the first hike I packed Drágáms water in one side and on the other side my purse as counterweight. Big mistake – after a couple minutes he peed at my purse. But i didn’t want to give up so we kept walking.

It was pretty hot so Drágám decided to take a bath. Of course, due to my slow reaction time, with the backpack.

Long story short – I carried his backpack. Maybe it is a useful thing for female dogs with no passion for water, but for chaotic male dogs wit an affinity to water it is not!



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