It is not fair, that after a long summer hike we can eat ice cream and the dogs can not. We are not the kind of dog owners that produce dog ice cream themselves, so we made some investigations on the internet. Quickly we found the homepage of  Cold & Dog. We liked the philosophy of the company and the price, so we decided to buy a mix of boxes (flavors: meet, salmon, cheese and apple banana).It was 16 cups for 40€. After all we wanted to get through the summer. The ice cream arrived in time and was still completely frozen. After a long hike the dogs got their first cup. Drágám ate it all but he is no indicator for quality!But not only Dràgàm, even Leni was thrilled and both ate the whole cup. Now we were jealous – we didn’t have ice cream for ourselves. Spontaneously we decided to eat the dog ice cream apple banana, (we didn’t feel like beef ice cream) – and it was very tasty, even for humans!

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