We are slowly getting our tired legs used to long hikes again, to be able to do some multi-week-hikes in summertime. 24km with light bags seemed like a good way to start. To keep the drive short, we chose a hike near Dittersdorf.

Right from the start we found ourselves on a small path in the woods. After 2,5 km slightly uphill, we got a wonderful view.

From there, the hike continued to offer beautiful views at the Ore Mountains.

After about 5,7 km we arrived at a fly agaric which turned out to be a nice place to rest.

How did we take this picture? Our camera found a good spot to sit.


From there, a small path took us to Kemptauer Rocks. In summer we would stay here forever to eat, as there were blueberry bushes all along the way. Further into the forest, the ground was covred in a bright green with white flowers.

We found out that this is wood clover. It used to be used to fight Skorbut and skin diseasesm as well as metabolic- and digestive issues, and deseases of liver and bile. We don’t think we got any of this, but it looked so nice and green that Josi ate quite a bit. Alica was happy with one or two leaves, as it tasted quite sour.

But – attention: this plant contains a lot of oxalic acid. This can hurt the kidneys, if taken too much (eating it for a couple of months in a row).

From there, we walked along a quiet road towards Gelenau. We found a special garbage can for dog poop!

We noticed the whole hiking trail is very clean, a possible reason are the multiple trash cans along the way.

The dogs became thirsty, and we found a nice creek in Gelenau.

After the dogs had a drink, it was our turn. There was a little bakery that sold ice cream. This made the dogs happy as well.

And off we went to Willischthal. Sometimes we walked through the woods, sometimes along fields. It was a great walk. Now and then, there were places where the dogs could take a bath. The colors were nice and now and then we passed by a rapeseed field.

The time passed quickly and all of a sudden we were in Weißbach, a little village in the Ore Mountains. When we got out of this village we realized, we were alomst back at the starting point of the hike!

So we walked for another our and then we found the car..


It is a wonderful hike! It changes quiet nicely between uphill and downhill, forest and fields. There are great views and it’s just a supernice walk.

Check out the hike on a map here




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