Nobody knows his exact birthday. He was abandoned with seven brothers and sisters, in a box in front of a shelter in Szekszárd/ Hungary.

The “owners” left them there and drove away. The helpers of the shelter discovered them after some time, but had problems catching the puppies. At 27 September 2012 i adopted him. Our start was very difficult – he was afraid of everything. It turned out, he had never in his life been in a house before. But, when I took him home, he never peed in the house. The downside was, it meant getting up at sunrise and going out for a walk. Bad luck, when you are a person used to stay up the whole night!!

Good luck though, that Matthias, a good friend and actor, took a dog from the same shelter. So Drágám had a dog friend from the very first beginning.

For the humans this made it more difficult, as they would often learn bad behaviors from each other. Sometimes the appartment looked like a herd of elephants ran through.

After almost 8 months, we moved from Hungary to Chemnitz. At the theater there was a dog, and so the move was not a big problem for him.

Also actors that came for a play sometimes took their dogs with them. So he became good friends with Pünktchen, an old dog lady.

My plan to take him always with me, even to the theater, turned out to be not good for him.

He couldn’t make a destinction between reality and acting, ran away a lot of times (it was easy to find him – you just had to look for the closest garbage), and barked at spontaneous visitors. I had to find out his needs to give him the life he deserved.

With the help of trainers, a very good vet and a lot of patience i found a way to give him what he needs. Since one year he has been a mantrailer and it is always great to see him doing a task. Strangers and even children are suddenly no problem anymore.

We are excited for all the adventures to come.