Today we had a new challenge. We took a third dog with us: Rocco.

He is a good friend’s dog and he is what you call a “perfekt dog”. He can walk everywhere off leach and ignores every human or dog you meet. The disadvantage is, he can be very controlling and every kind of unrest he wants to stop by barking loudly. At previous walks this kept Drágám and Leni from any opportunity to play, as he always got between them.

This time though it worked perfectly. He also seemed to find some joy in our rituals: whenever we whistle, every dog has to come, sit down and gets a treat.

At the start of our hike, we didn’t agree on which direction we should go. Alica had heard about a path going along the river Zschopau, in the direction of Flöha. Josi had heard about a path along the river in the opposite direction… Spoiler: We were both right, but we started with Alica’s route. The path really goes along the river and there were some places where the dogs could go into the water.

After a while we came to a road junction. We were not sure which way to go. Our first try ended in front of a private house, so we decided to go up a big rock, called Harrasfelsen.

The view was fantastic, but there were some people sitting there, so we decided to go on.

After a short time walking we found a little path going to a ledge. Somebody built a beautiful wooden bank. It was a nice place, so we took a short break. The raspberries we bought also want to be eaten and Josi needed to do some outdoor office work.

After the break we kept on walking. Unfortunately we couldn’t get close to the main river. The dogs tongues got longer and longer. Getting to Flöha we all of a sudden heard a noise sounding like a dog jumped in water. Well, there was a tiny creek hidden in very high grass. It was a bit of water, and a ton of mud. The dogs love mud.

The result:

We passed Flöha and on the other side of the river Zschopau we found a small path. At a nice spot we took a rest.

Now it was time for the humans to refresh.

The water in the river was quite shallow, so we thought it would be a could idea to take a refreshing walk through the water. We kept thinking so until, after 500 meters, we saw a big tree lying across the river. Which meant for us: going through the shrubberies back to the path. After a short time walking, we suddenly discovered our car. What should we do now? We haven’t walked as far as we wanted to. So we quickly made the decision: Let’s now go for Josi’s route. This day it was very hot, so we were very happy to find a nice island after an hour of walking.

On the way to the island, through the water!

After we enjoyed the environment and silence it was time for a group picture. With three dogs not so easy to do, but after a little chaos it worked out more or less.

Then we made our way back. The path goes on, on the other side of the river. We only walked 12km that day, not the 15km we were planning to, but we had a lot of fun and found some places for upcoming trails.

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