Sometimes there’s not enough time to do an overnight trip. But, day trips have a big advantage: you go with a very light pack. As we were in Berlin for a job, we were looking for a nice little hike close to Potsdam. Of course, on the water.


The roundtrip started and ended at a restaurant, which was good, as we would be hungry after our walk! It started interesting: a little ferry took us across the water. Cost: 50 cent per person, dogs free.

Leni was more than relaxed. Dràgàm wasn’t sure what to think about the whole situation on this weird boat. He was very relieved when he survived the 2min boat ride.

A small path

Now we went on to an almost invisible path. We missed it at first.

There were no other people there. Not really to our surprise, looking at the shoulder high stinging nettles that the trail was covered in. We liked it, we like going through shrubbery. Before the small path turned into a wider trail, the dogs took a refreshing bath.

Of course there was enough time to play too.

hurdle race

From now on it got a little stressful at times. Eventhough it was mid-day on a Thursday, we ended up on a highly occupied bike trail.

The dogs had to be on leashes now. But we tried our best to go off the trail, and found a couple opportunities for the dogs to go swimming.

We found a couple lovely spots there.

The way back

The second half of the trip led us across a big train bridge. The metal was ok to walk on for the dogs, it didn’t hurt the paws. They still didn’t really like walking on it, especially Leni is very afraid of heights.

After both humans and dogs survived the bridge, we decided to leave the given route and continue through the woods. A good choice – we were all by ourselves again.

The group photo

We wanted to take our obligatory group pic. The first try was interrupted by a free running fluffy dog.

Now we found a quieter spot. The second try worked, though turned out a bit dark. As we wanted to carry next to nothing for today, we took a tiny lightweight camera, that wasn’t so great when it comes to dynamic range.. oh well, looks artsy, doesnt it.

From there we went to the restaurant and had a big and awesome dinner! Duck and asparagus!


A very relaxed route, and as usual for the state of Brandenburg – no hills. The trail is mostly in the shade and the dogs can go swimming a lot. If you prefer to be alone though, this route might not be the best choice as there are many parts that are crowded with people and bikers. Here’s the tour:  Caputh Rundweg

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