When we saw that America exists in Saxony, only 30 minutes away from us, we knew: we have to go! We picked a route with water, a lot of shade and somewhat shorter than 15km, as we wanted to go for a little paddle afterwards.

The parking lot that the hiking app komoot suggested, was not usable, as the maximum parking duration was limited to an hour. Luckily we found a perfect parking spot at the trail head.


Despite the hot temperatures it was good to walk on the trail, as it was mostly in the shade of the forest. You couldn’t miss the trail either, the signs were very obvious.

After a short walk, a short bridge led us directly to America.

We were a little dissapointed to find only a house and a road and you didn’t really know whether you were inside or outside of “America”. There was no street sign.

Along the river Zwickauer Mulde

On we went towards Rochsburg. The path continued in the shade. We were lucky to be the only hikers (the fact that it was Monday might have played a role). As we didn’t know about the amount of deer jumping through the woods, Dràgàm stayed on the leash.


The first views of castle Rochsburg were amazing! It was built in 1296 and was rebuilt to a castle during the time of Renaissance. Today you can do tours on the history of the building and whoever feels like marrying, can do that here too.

We were curious and went up the hill. It was quite close, we soon found ourselves standing in the middle of the castle.

The only person we met there was a gardener. It doesn’t seem to be a problem to enter the area with dogs. We had to take a couple pics of the dogs, of course.

The way back

After looking at everything, we turned around and headed back. Now our trail followed the river. The dogs, and we too, enjoyed the water.

There was time to run, play and do important jobs, like carrying sticks over long distances,

Faster than we thought, we arrived back at the car.


A nice route, that’s easy to walk. There’s only one small hill. The path lies in the middle of the woods – so mostly you’ll be in the shade. There are a lot of opportunities to let dogs run free.

For those who want to walk the 12.6km trail: https://www.komoot.de/tour/73461782?ref=itd

We recommend it!!

Something more..

We just couldn’t get over one thing: we never saw an actual sign of the village Amerika! We agreed – driving in the car, we’d have to look for the sign! And we found it!!!


On the way back we went to a close lake for a quick afternoon canoe trip!

What a nice day 🙂

But now – End.

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