In 1982, I was born in Duisburg. I wanted to have a dog since I was able to think, but I had to be patient until I turned 30. Whenever I asked for having a dog as a child, my mom would respond: “That’s not possible, I am allergic to fur!”. It turned out her allergy never existed, but I can’t be mad at her. Now I know, what responsibility you have with a dog. I don’t think, I would’ve taken this seriously as a child. Probably I would’ve had all the fun with the dog and my parents would’ve had the work. And all that living in a city appartment without a even a garden…

So I cuddled all the dogs of friends until there wasn’t any fur left. Later I discovered acting and I knew: this will become my job. After finishing high school I did and internship at Theater an der Ruhr and applied at different acting schools. In the end I moved to Berlin to study. Having a dog while studying acting in Berlin is just impossible. I wanted to get on the bords that mean the world!!

After studying I worked all across Germany, from Brandenburg to Munich, Duisburg, Berlin and then I got employed at a theater in Singen am Hohentwiel.

There I was the happiest person in the world – my roommate and colleague, Isabelle, had a 5 months old puppy namend Rocco.

For some time we were then separated again, when Isabelle and her partner moved to Chemnitz and founded a theater there. I went on to hungary. When I visited the two on my way to hungary, i found that Rocco had become a dad.

For a brief moment I thought about adopting one of the puppies, but it wasn’t the right time for me. Only when I really arrived in hungary, I knew that I now could go on search for “my dog”. After my first try endet very sadly (I rescued a dog from a shelter and three days later he died of parvovirosis), I found Dràgàm in the shelter Szekszárd.

The boss there told me “This is all you don’t want!”. (I had told her, I was looking for a puppy, medium sized, with relaxed character). But it was too late – i was in love.

After theater season in hungary ended, I went back to Germany. As I wasn’t really sure where to go or what to do, I went to Chemnitz, where Rocco and Isabelle were. There, I could work at the theater. All of us got along very well and working together was a lot of fun, so I became part of the Fritz Theater GbR. Now I will stay in Chemnitz for an undefined time. Living without a dog is something I can not imagine anymore.