After checking on our schedules, we realized there was only one time slot when all three of us had time for a 3-day-hike. Predicted temperatures were about 35 degrees. Nevertheless we decided to go and walk as far as we and the dogs are having fun. Our basic plan was a tour called 14 8000 peaks in the Ore Mountains.

After reading the map we noticed there would be a lot of options to shorten the route, as 76km seemed a bit optimistic for three days that hot. We started around noon, because everybody had some chores to do before we could get going.

Out of curiousity we weighed our packs: Alica had 11kg, Silvia 12,4kg and Josi 14,3kg – bagpack, not body weight. Josi and Silvia were carrying a tent each. Alica was not allowed to take her throw up tent, as the others considered it to be too pink.

Just to remember:

The first section of our tour

After passing Altenburg, we went up Geisingberg.

Temperatures were a little cooler than expected and the view was fantastic. Dràgàm even went up the curvy stairs to the top of the tower.

Just the last bit of the stairs – an exceptionally steep part – seemed to scary for him. How would he get back down there?!?

We enjoyed the beautiful view.

The first peak of 14 was done! Now we went downhill again. We found a house for dwarfs were you can get fresh drinking water. Silvia used the opportunity.

Leni and Drágám were not that happy: a dwarf house was too small, too litle water! They were happy when we discovered a nice little lake.

Time for a swim!

Refreshed we went on. Another ice cream break in Geisig. Dràgàm was hoping he’d get some, too.

And off we went towards Schauhübel. For group pictures, Josi brought a tiny gorilla tripod.

So we took some pics..

Seeing the result, we concluded it might as well be a Malboro commercial. Silvia wasn’t allowed to smoke on any of our upcoming group photos.

On the way to the czech border

We decided to navigate with our cellphones instead of maps. There was a funny moment when Josi was looking at her phone map and said “somewhere here should be railroad tracks..:”. She didn’t see the tracks were basically right behind her. Silvia couldn’t stop laughing.

Soon we agreed on taking a little shortcut here on the way to Czech’s border. Leni and Dràgàm found a little creek on the way.

Soon we found the border rock!

Silvia got on the pic just as her shadow.

Searching for a place to sleep

It was 6pm and we looked at the map to find possible spots for camping. We always try to find a spot where there’s some water for cooking and swimming. So we found a lake within a doable distance. On the way we passed by a swamp. Our conversations circled around what to do if you get stuck in a swamp, when you sink in and can’t get out. We were quite dissapointed to find the swamp was actually locked in and closed.

The hours until the sun sets were passing and we were in a little hurry to get to our sleeping spot, as we weren’t even sure yet whether camping there would be possible.

The camp spot

In wonderful sunset light we got to the spot. It was just perfect. A cristal clear lake and much space to set up tents. Josi unpacked the solar station to catch a couple sun rays.

It was the best spot for camping we could ever imagine. Everybody went for a swim. What a wonderful feeling to jump in a lake after long hours of sweating.

Then we set up tents. Alica used her universal excuse: I have to look after Dràgàm. As we unpacked, we heard Silvia shout “i forgot my underwear.” In fact, she did not only forget to bring underwear, she actually hadn’t worn any the whole day. “Well i got dressed so quickly this morning, pants on and well i just forgot.” We weren’t really surprised, as Silvia is running around naked most of the day anyways.


Now we cooked dinner. A healthy mix of instant food from a supermarket. Usually we don’t eat that, but here it was tasty!

The topic to discuss now was Alica’s camping outfit. She chose it because it was light. Silvia and Josi thought, Alica might as well go to the czech red light district. (Alica’s comment: IT’S PANTS, NOT A SKIRT.”)

Everybody agreed Alica’s clothes might be helpful if somebody approached us, who was unhappy with people camping here. About 10pm we fell asleep.





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